– Present – Groningen Area, Netherlands

Dealer4Dealer is a certified Exact dealer that develops and builds software between Magento webshops and Exact Online and Exact Globe

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– Present (1 year 1 month)Groningen, Netherlands


Graduate Student Business and IT Management

– Present (4 years 4 months)Groningen

As a business IT student I am involved in analyzing, describing and improving business procedures. To do that , you need to have a good understanding of the organization , the lines of communication, information flows and information needs. But also a good discipline in coding and understand the technical side at the back-end of each product.

As a Business IT and Management student I work closely with the users of information and in the workfield I will often serve as a bridge between users, management and technical designers.


– Present (5 years 9 months)Groningen Area, Netherlands

Graphic Designer , Software Developer & Game developer

Developer – Wowww

(7 months)Groningen, Netherlands

Intern Development –

(3 months)Groningen, Netherlands


Student Software Engineering

(9 months)Groningen Area, Netherlands

Gameplay Programmer – CustomCOD

(2 years)

Responsible for designing new elements in the game and coordinating the process of designing it for The Rising ( A Call of Duty modification )

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The Rising began in April 2009 as a Call of Duty World at War modification. It was created with the intention to bring a whole new cooperative multiplayer game experience based on the popular singleplayer version of the coop gameplay.

As founder of the modification and as member of the CustomCoD Modding Team I worked alongside with a talented group of 3D Artists, BETA Testers, Coders/Scripters, Graphic Artists, Level Designers, Server Admins, , Mappers, Sound Artists and many more developpers.